Install dprint

Install using one of the methods below.

  • Shell (Mac, Linux, WSL):

    curl -fsSL | sh
  • Windows Installer


  • Powershell (Windows):

    iwr -useb | iex
  • Scoop (Windows):

    scoop install dprint
  • Homebrew (Mac):

    brew install dprint
  • Cargo (builds and installs the cargo package from source):

    # this will be slower since it builds from the source
    cargo install --locked dprint
  • Deno:

    For just your project, add a deno task to your deno.json file:

      "tasks": {
        "fmt": "deno task dprint fmt",
        "fmt:check": "deno task dprint check",
        "dprint": "deno run -A npm:dprint"

    Then run deno task dprint init to initialize and format by running: deno task fmt

    Also, you could install it globally via Deno, but like npm it has a startup and memory cost since it needs to run Deno then run dprint. It's recommended to install it globally via another method.

    deno install -A npm:dprint
    dprint help
  • npm:

    # for your project
    npm install dprint
    npx dprint help
    # or install globally (not recommended because it has a startup and memory cost)
    npm install -g dprint
    dprint help
  • asdf-vm (asdf-dprint):

    asdf plugin-add dprint
    asdf install dprint latest

For binaries and source, see the GitHub releases.

Editor Extensions

  • Visual Studio Code
  • IntelliJ - Thanks to the developers at Canva
  • The dprint lsp subcommand (requires dprint 0.45+) provides code formatting over the language server protocol. This can be used to format in other editors.

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