Dprint's CLI will always be free for formatting open source projects whose primary maintainer is not a for-profit company.

If you are using dprint's CLI on a project whose primary maintainer is a for-profit company or individual, then there is a sponsorship requirement for the primary maintainer in order to use this software.

You may select the sponsorship tier that you believe is fair taking into consideration:

  1. The value dprint brings to your company and the number of developers it serves.
  2. How much support your company wants to give to support this project's future development.

Recommended tier based on number of developers:


Sponsorship is available via PayPal:

GitHub Sponsors

Alternatively, some other sponsorship tiers are available through GitHub sponsors: https://github.com/sponsors/dprint

After Sponsoring

After you've sponsored, update your commercial project's configuration file (ex. .dprintrc.json) to be commercialSponsored.

  "projectType": "commercialSponsored",
  // etc...

Thank you for moving this project forward!