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If you are using dprint in a commercial environment then it is strongly recommended you support the project financially in order to help accelerate it forward.

How much is dprint worth to your company?

Think about the cost savings from the following:

  1. How much time will your developers save auto-formatting their code?
  2. How much time will your team save not making and acting on code formatting related comments on code reviews?
  3. If you are checking formatting on your CI, how much time will your CI runs save checking formatting with dprint compared to other formatters? Remember dprint is lightning fast.

If you see the benefit, please spend the time to pass along a small fraction of that cost savings to support this project.


GitHub Sponsors

I'm in the process of setting up a GitHub sponsors account for dprint. If you would like to sponsor this way then please wait and subscribe to updates on this issue.


If you don't like these options then please pay what you can or specify a different amount here (Recurring donation strongly recommended for companies)

After Sponsoring

After sponsoring, you should update the project type property in your configuration to be commercialSponsored.

module.exports.config = {
    projectType: "commercialSponsored",
    // etc...

Thank you for sponsoring!